I posted above tweet yesterday and it quickly started to gain increasingly interest in the blogos-/tweetsphere. The tests will start November 8 and run for 2 weeks as a start. A (to me) unknown numbers of Destination Guide locations will be included.

The cool thing about LL and the way they work is we are often left with lots of questions and very few answers. It’s almost like watching David Lynch movies. You either hate it or love it.

We love the unexpected, will put all our efforts in making a good test and wish Skylight good luck.
Xray awaits the browser goofing public to arrive at PAL and ask: “Claus I wear guns I really don’t like these n00bs around here” Claus replies: “Don’t be scared baby it’s only human beings accessing our world, they don’t bite. Hand them the purple coffee they might even stay here” before he runs AFK he whispers “Open up your arms X Baby it’s our future”

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  1. [...] After last night’s visit to COLLAB, I was truly impressed and motivated by seeing what collaborative creativity of platform developers, designers and other multi-disciplinary actors can achieve with these new technologies. Right now, we are able to play the good old Quake in our browsers, or wonder around in KataSpace online. Tomorrow, maybe we’ll be wondering in a 3D version of social network sites, passing each other morph-shaped Tweets filled with audio-visuals through our mobile devices, or dancing with our Kinect friends at an online music-sim. [...]

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