Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011 – Programme!


Saturday 26th March
2-6pm SLT/PDT (22:00-02:00 CET) (5-11pm EDT)
Live web broadcast at: http://treet.tv/live
Access: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/166/133/1204


Earlier this year, POP ART LAB challenged film makers from across Second Life ™ to make a music video for real life, electronica band GIANA FACTORY based on their song ‘Pixelated Truth.’

This weekend……we will see the results.

POP ART LAB is proud to present all entries in our annual machinima expo at an exclusive film preview party held at our sim. The event will also be streamed live across TREET.TV and with a range of eminent guest speakers and judges, interviews with members of GIANA FACTORY- plus a not to be missed after show party-this is set to be the machinima event of the year.

Who will walk away with the L$50,000 prize? Join us to find out.

Please RSVP to either:

Claus Uriza-CEO of POP ART LAB
Persia Bravin-Press Manager of POP ART LAB

Promotional Video:



2.00: Opening Introduction with Persia Bravin & Claus Uriza
2.15: Rhett Linden-Guest Speaker
2.30: Machinima Screenings
3.10: GIANA FACTORY interview
3.30: Announcement of winning entry plus guest speaker Toxic Menges
3.45: Chantal Harvey-Guest Speaker
4.00: After show party with guest DJ’s Evil Laa + TBA



Rhett Linden- Senior Director, Experience/ Design
Adam Hashemi – RL Film and Music Video Director
Toxic Menges-Machinima Maker


Abdullah Yazimoto, Al Peretz, Arbit Delacroix, Ian Pahute, Kira Madrigal, Lala Larix, Mommaluv Skytower and Ormand Lionheart



Hosted in Pop Art Lab by Persia Bravin and Claus Uriza
Live web broadcasted by Treet.TV at http://treet.tv/live
Made in partnership with Giana Factory, Music for Dreams, Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark and Treet.TV
Set Designs: Laggy Homewood, Emily Hifeng
Creative Support: Douglas Story, Desdemona Enfield, Chrome Underwood
Avatar Creation: Ivy Maverick (Maverick Skins and Shapes)
Giz Seorn (GizzA Creations)
Promotional Video: Iono Allen



Additional information on the following partners can be found beneath. For any direct queries please contact:
Claus Uriza : clausuriza@gmail.com
Persia Bravin: persia.bravin@yahoo.com

ALL VIDEO ENTRIES: http://www.youtube.com/popartlab
POP ART LAB: http://www.popartlab.com/
GIANA FACTORY: http://gianafactory.dk/
MUSIC FOR DREAMS: http://www.musicfordreams.dk/intro.html
ADAM HASHEMI: http://www.blinkprods.com/directors/view-work/item2509/Adam-Hashemi/
ROSKILDE UNIVERSITY: http://worlds.ruc.dk/

Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011

We are currently tweaking our upcoming machinima event and thought we would share the first details here by now.
Event is webcasted live by Treet.TV and access limited to 50 people. Please drop an IM, notecard or email to clausuriza(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll try figure out whether we have to run this event by “invites only”. However event can be viewed by all via Treet.TVs livestream


Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011
Date: March 26
Time: 2-6pm SLT/PST (22:00-01:00 CET)
Place: Giana Factory Stage, Pop Art Lab

The making of the official musicvideo for Giana Factorys new single Pixelated Truth

2.00: Opening Introduction with Persia Bravin & Claus Uriza
2.15: Rhett Linden-Guest Speaker
2.30: Machinima Screenings
3.10: GIANA FACTORY interview
3.30: Announcement of winning entry plus guest speaker Toxic Menges
3.45: Chantal Harvey-Guest Speaker
4.00: After show party with guest DJ’s

Musicvideo Jury: Toxic Menges, Adam Heshemi, Rhett Linden
Live web broadcasted by Treet.TV at http://treet.tv/live
Made in partnership with Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark and Treet.TV

The Pop Explosion!

Friday 16th April 12.00PM-12.00AM SLT


Are you ready for the biggest live music and machinima event of 2010? Pop Art Lab invites you to experience a 12 hour trip through the very best music, art, film and television in SL.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new and super futuristic music sim, we have asked guest speakers including Jeska Linden and Wiz Nordberg, musicians such as Lance Rembrandt and Skye Galaxy and a plethora of artists, DJs and machinima makers to collaborate. We will be announcing the winner of our spectacular L$100,000 machinima winner too!

Visit our new sim and travel through a new world of wonderment, exploration and innovation or catch the live streaming on Treet.TV.

Full schedule:

April 16th- European Opening

Host: Persia Bravin

12:00 PM PST/SLT: Opening Ceremony presenting the new sim designs and creators: Claus Uriza CEO and guest speakers Dusan Writer CEO of Remedy/Metanomics and Wiz Nordberg CEO of Treet TV.

Particle show from Abstract Baroque

12:30 PM: Live screening of machinima entries in L$100,000 contest.

1:30 PM: Winning machinima announced by Chantal Harvey plus guest DJ Fine Caliber

2:00 PM: Redzone –Live Music

3:00 PM: MommaLuv Skytower-Live Music

4:00 PM: Lance Rembrandt –Live Music

5:00 PM: Sim exploration and chilled out music.

April 16th US Opening (webcasted live by Treet.TV)

Host: Persia Bravin

7:00 PM/SLT: Opening Ceremony presenting the new sim designs and creators: Claus Uriza CEO and guest speakers Draxtor Despres and Wiz Nordberg CEO of Treet TV.

7:30 PM: Live screening of machinima entries in L$100,000 contest

8:15 PM: Winning machinima announced by Jeska Linden

8:30 PM: Skye Galaxy-Live Music

9:30: PM: Starflower Orbit-Live Music

10:30 PM: MoShang Zhao-Live Music

11:30 PM: DJ Fine Caliber

Representing POP ART LAB

Claus Uriza CEO

Emily Hifeng, Xray Haller, Laggy Homewood and Rico Willis-Sim design and build

Persia Bravin-Press Manager

Guest Speakers

Jeska Linden –Director of Community Linden Labs

Draxtor Drespres-The Drax Files

Dusan Writer -Remedy/Metanomics

Wiz Nordberg -CEO, Treet.tv)

Chantal Harvey- Director of Mamachinima.eu

Television Production and streaming: Treet.TV http://treet.tv/live

Machinima Judges

Jeska Linden, Chantal Harvey, Lisbeth Frølunde (Roskilde University  RL), Claus Uriza

Machinima Contest Partner: Virtual Worlds Research Project – A strategic research project at Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School  (Denmark).

Machinima Entrants

Rysan Fall, Toxic Menges, Glasz DeCuir, Binary Quandry, Larkworthy Antfarm, Ormand Lionheart, Mindblind Setsuko, Iono Allen, Pickles Karu, Delgado Cinquetti, Michelle Leckrone, Ketk Petrov, Al Peretz, Aaron Ishelwood, Tutsy Navarathna.

Musical Talent

RedzoneStarflower OrbitMommaLuv Skytower, Skye Galaxy, MoShang ZhaoLance Rembrandt and DJ Fine Caliber

Contributing Artists

Art Exhibition: Julie Kaye (RL)

Art Installation: Misprint Thursday

Marketing Design-Sabrinaa Nightfire

Visuals: Abstract Baroque

Press Information

Claus Uriza CEO of ‘POP AT LAB’ says of this event:

“We have made lots of progress at PAL over the past year so to celebrate our new sim launch I wanted to involve a lot of live musicians. Then came the idea of documenting the old sim design through a machinima contest, inspired by the recent MMIF. I met so many talented people through the MMIF I wanted their input at PAL too. The addition of some very experienced and cool speakers will add value and diversity to this event and help to connect with the audience. In the future, I hope PAL will grow alongside Second Life and we plan on expanding our presence on the web in general including our new website.”

Persia Bravin-Press Manager says:

“The whole team at POP ART LAB comprises some of the most experienced people within any virtual world in their chosen field. We have taken this experience and made PAL a virtual force to be reckoned with. The convergence of art, machinima and guest speakers-plus the music which PAL is most famous for-emphasizes our drive to be the most innovative, collaborative and social virtual music platform in existence!”

*POP ART LAB is a fully immersive environment exploring the viability of virtual worlds as alternative music performance venues. We work with media companies, record labels and educational institutions around the globe. Weekly streaming 10-20 new CDs full length across our social and dynamic sim, POP ART LAB brings together music lovers from across the world.*


Credits of Pop Art Lab

A few machinima folks who have entered our contest asked for a list of content creators of Pop Art Lab.
Here is a list of most significant creators who have made the lab and creations during 2008-2009. My apologizes if I have forgot any!
Main credits
Designs: Pop Art Lab (Emily Hifeng, Xray Haller, Rico Willis)
Designs: Spaceships, Funpark: Petey Carver
Flowers: Sabrinaa Nightfire
Decorations: Members of Caerleon Art Collective (Misprint Thursday, Glyph Graves, CHUCKMATRIX Clip, Alizarin Goldflake)
Owner/Coordination/Concept: Claus Uriza, Pop Art Lab
Additional notes: PAL was originally scaled and builded for 4-8 parcels. When PAL obtained full sim it was copied untill a new simdesign rollout was ready (which is set for April 16, 2010).
PAL is mainly architectured, designed and builded by Emily Hifeng and Xray Haller and coordinated/conceptualized by Claus Uriza.
Gramophone, green radio, microphone by Rico Willis.
Stages, furniture: Emily Hifeng
TV Studio: Xray Haller, Emily Hifeng, Rico Willis
Flowers, acid tunnel in sky: Sabrinaa Nightfire
Red scripted-animated area: Misprint Thursday
Various animated visuals: Glyph Graves, CHUCKMATRIX Clip, Alizarin Goldflake
All flowery and animated visuals and spaceships, funpark were added as part of PALs 1 year old b-day September 2009

The original 4 parcel PAL designed by RL/SL architect Xray Haller as it looked March 2008. Later on we entitled it “The Walk Through Sounds” concept as we even back then had 4 streams/albums running in each dome.

Pop Art Lab Machinima Contest 2010 : Contest rules

Pop Art Lab will launch brand new sim design mid April and therefore decided to set up a machinima contest at our “old” sim design as it looks now. By doing this we capture the memories more than 25.000 visitors have seen and quite a few praised since our opening back in 2008.  Pop Art Lab is a music sim streaming each weeks best new albums in pop, rock, electronica and r&b/hiphop.  At the grand opening of our new sim the old one will be completely removed and we will host a huge weekend party where we announce the winner of the machinima contest, screen the best films and have lots of live artists, DJs etc.

The maximum film length is 5 minutes. The theme of your film is entirely open. The only requirements are 90-100% of scenes take place in the Pop Art Lab sim

Each participant who wants to rezz must join the Pop Art Lab group and leave a notecard to Claus Uriza with names. Please remove objects after filming. Scripts will be enabled.
The sim will be open 4 weeks prior to submission deadline so everyone have the time to come record. We kindly ask all of you to act appropriately and show respect and understanding so everyone will be able to record in peace and ensure a fair play.

Send us your machinima by April 9th 2010 and enter the contest for the award of 100.000 Linden dollars.

To submit one or more films you need to upload them to YouTube and then send the appropriate link to clausuriza@gmail.com along with your film title, name and contact info. Please add “(Pop Art Lab Contest Entry)” to your film title on YouTube. We will collect entries as favorites on our contest channel and embed finalist films on our blog ‐ http://popartlab.com (Films with highly inappropriate content will be excluded).

$100.000 Lindens. Pop Art Lab Machinima will award cash prize according to the jurys best choice. There is only one winner.


  • Submission deadline – 12 AM PDT/SLT April 9 , 2010
  • Recording period – March 9, 2010 through April 9, 2010
  • Winner will be announced ‐ April 16, 2010 at our new Pop Art Lab sim launch.


  • You retain all of your ownership rights to your film submission. However, by submitting you also grant us (Pop Art Lab) a license to use, reproduce and distribute your film for promotional and documentary use only.


  • Resolution: Minimum of 320×240, maximum of 800×600.
  • Widescreen: 720p (fine too).
  • Frame rate: Minimum 20 frames per second.
  • Audio: Minimum 22khz 16‐bit audio.
  • Size: 100 Mb



  • Pop Art Lab was founded start of 2008 in the virtual world of Second Life. It provides a dynamic immersive environment within which avatars can gather together to share their interest in music, movies & machinima, and attend live concerts and events occurring both entirely within the virtual environment and in mixed realities that merge reality with the metaverse.

Information about Pop Art Lab


  • The contest is co-sponsored by the Virtual Worlds Research Project. This large collaborative project, running from 2008‐2011, joins university researchers at two Danish universities (Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School) and a range of different partners. The project is funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, KINO and explores sense‐making and user‐driven innovation in virtual worlds.

Information about the research project: Virtual Worlds Research Project


Any questions please IM Claus Uriza or Emily Hifeng inworld or send us an email at clausuriza@gmail.com
Print or read above info as Google doc

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

Film and Music collide at the Lab!

‘MMIF 2010′ is the second edition of an annual film festival in 3D cyberspace with a screening in physical space (‘RL’). A seven hour movie marathon with a two hour afterparty. MMIF 2010 can also be followed on the web via live stream broadcasts.

A month ago, while I was multitasking at a real life Sirikata workshop at Roskilde University, I happened to meet Chantal Harvey at the lab. Actually I had met and become friends with Chantal ages ago-well, that’s what it feels like!

Back in 2008 she was a frequent visitor at the very beginning of Pop Art Lab. Then we both became busy with our separate projects, the years passed, but we managed to stay friends. Ok back to real life or whatever! We met in 3D and talked over this new project she was about to launch- the second global Machinima Festival MMIF which she had scheduled February 20th 2010.

The early days of the lab must have made some impact, because Chantal wanted to recreate the PAL vibe in the designs for the festival and also knew PAL had handled several quadsim events (where designs are centered in 4 sims to increase attendees up at 200+).

Well, of course I was interested in hosting a Machinima event this size plus PAL has actually had screenings and a movie center since back in 2008. We also produce the Pop Vox music shows at Treet.tv of which I have never thought of as machinima-but it is!

So our common interests have both grown since our first meeting and Chantal and I somehow realized we have come a long way since 2008! (ain’t virtual collaboration wonderful! I’m really excited about meeting her RL too at the Metameets conference in Dublin May 2010).

Back to MMIF festival! The lovely Linden Lab soon supported Chantal’s non-profit project with 4 sims and within a short time, we mingled up Chantal’s team with ours and decided to combine prefab designs from the lab and add new as well. By then setup was getting 4 sims 3 days before the event so timeline in design process had to be short. Days passed and Pop Art Labs chief commander/engineer Emily Hifeng quickly showed her building magic! Then magic collided when Linden Lab soon added 4 sims with full perms and freedom for the crew.

Ok so now the designs and set are close to finished and we are tweaking all kinds of details and also the set lists for the 2 hours after party Pop Art Lab has been asked to host there.

Many details and awesome weird rumors will be aired during next week. Let’s start.. Will Torley Linden open the festival? Will M Linden step by late and do a dubstep dance? Will Linden Lab bring news on their new Amsterdam office? (The festival is screened real life there). Will some of the 52 short machinimas screened at festival be broadcasted at secondlife.com? Will event show up as message of the day at login screen?

What we do know by now is

It will be action packed… no shit!

Pop Art Lab loves projects like this. This shows Chantal Harvey’s love and passion for the art of machinima and will expose the talents of many of SL’s finest film makers. And we at the lab just add some sugar!

MMIF 2010 press release, info, promo video, full program, live streams, contact and latest updates and changes at http://MMIF.org

Wow….what a trip!!!!!

What an INCREDIBLE 1st birthday party we had at PAL! The whole sim looked amazing thanks to the lovely people at Caerleon Isle Art Collective, with swaying psychedelic flowers, some groovy fractal art and 3D acid trips! Everyone partied in an array of hippy inspired clothing which really added to the 1960’s theme chosen to celebrate Pop Art lab’s first year.

Our visitor counters went into meltdown when we reached 230 people-but the lovely new Class 5 sim did us proud and there were NO crashes-The Linden Lab gods must have been smiling down on us!!

The musicians were all awesome and we were lucky enough to see some new and established acts come and play for us-testament to the absolute professionalism of the musicians who use Second Life as a platform for showcasing their immense talent. Special thanks must go to these artists: Hazideon Zarco, Avvy Barzane, Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth, Engrama, Starflower Orbit and long time friend of PAL-Mankind Tracer.

There was a real feeling of love in the pixilated air as local chat echoed with congratulations and some funny anecdotes-it really was a great crowd of people who came to support us!

Congratulations to the whole PAL team who are some of the hardest working people in Second Life and real life media/music, but extra applause must surely go to Claus Uriza-CEO of PAL who has poured his heart and soul into making PAL the most progressive music project not only in Second Life-but in any virtual world. You rock Claus!!

I am off to sweep up empty beer tins, underwear and other rock and roll items off the floors of PAL and to look back on a hugely successful first year-bring on year 2!!!!!


Persia Bravin xxxxx

Thank you: To Claus Uriza, Emily Hifeng, Xray, Serendipity, Starr Sonic, RLF Easterman, Syl Darcy, Saturnine Dryke, Maxes Loon, Twstd Ruggles, Austin Ellison and all the other 22,000 people who have visited and supported PAL in its first year.

RE: PAL Reloaded

Persia bit the robo DJ g’nite after 6 hours event 3 AM!
A brief report from last nights event!
Everything worked smoothe and all 5 artists did awesome live gigs. All streams were set perfect and even though a very tight schedule no delay at all.
The local counter read 175 unique guests this morning and only counts in a close range to landing point which means all peeps who TP’d direct to audience area by friends excluded. So more likely about 250 peeps came and went throughout the 4-5 hour event. Good numbers!
Read reports recently claiming live gigs in SL has a downturn at the moment – well once again what to say? Pop Art Lab don’t see this downturn infact we see the opposite… a fast growing group and a fully packed sim! :)

Max Kleene doing his gig fronting 70 peeps crowd
Great respect and thanx goes to Emily Hifeng, Starflower Orbit, Persia Bravin, Gustavo Lionhart and Mozy Pera for helping throughout event.
For more pics pls click here
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