Wow….what a trip!!!!!

What an INCREDIBLE 1st birthday party we had at PAL! The whole sim looked amazing thanks to the lovely people at Caerleon Isle Art Collective, with swaying psychedelic flowers, some groovy fractal art and 3D acid trips! Everyone partied in an array of hippy inspired clothing which really added to the 1960’s theme chosen to celebrate Pop Art lab’s first year.

Our visitor counters went into meltdown when we reached 230 people-but the lovely new Class 5 sim did us proud and there were NO crashes-The Linden Lab gods must have been smiling down on us!!

The musicians were all awesome and we were lucky enough to see some new and established acts come and play for us-testament to the absolute professionalism of the musicians who use Second Life as a platform for showcasing their immense talent. Special thanks must go to these artists: Hazideon Zarco, Avvy Barzane, Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth, Engrama, Starflower Orbit and long time friend of PAL-Mankind Tracer.

There was a real feeling of love in the pixilated air as local chat echoed with congratulations and some funny anecdotes-it really was a great crowd of people who came to support us!

Congratulations to the whole PAL team who are some of the hardest working people in Second Life and real life media/music, but extra applause must surely go to Claus Uriza-CEO of PAL who has poured his heart and soul into making PAL the most progressive music project not only in Second Life-but in any virtual world. You rock Claus!!

I am off to sweep up empty beer tins, underwear and other rock and roll items off the floors of PAL and to look back on a hugely successful first year-bring on year 2!!!!!


Persia Bravin xxxxx

Thank you: To Claus Uriza, Emily Hifeng, Xray, Serendipity, Starr Sonic, RLF Easterman, Syl Darcy, Saturnine Dryke, Maxes Loon, Twstd Ruggles, Austin Ellison and all the other 22,000 people who have visited and supported PAL in its first year.

Pop Art Lab 1 Year B-Day

Sept. 12th Saturday 12:00 PM SLT – Sunday
[expanded programme TBA scroll down!]

Come celebrate our official 1 year birthday at the lab!
We are currently opening up the doors with 10.000 free prims dedicated to the love of creativity and music. We have invited content providers in to help make coming weekend and b-day spectacular!
Come share, participate, enjoy and most of all… have fun! IM for further info.

Pop Art Lab would love to mix the powers of the lovely 1960s Flower Generation within the immersive 3D environments. Please release your colourful outfit!

12:00 Opening DJ Brb
12:30 Hazideon Zarco
1:00 Avvy Banzrane
1:30 Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth
2:00 Starflower Orbit
2:30 Mankind Tracer
3:30 Love Peace and Happiness Theme
[Top picks from Woodstock 1969 Festival]DJs
5:15 Surprise live FINAL disorder concert

Sunday dedicated to art exhibitions and chilled music!

First Event New PAL Tonight

Summer’s here and due to vacations we are still goofing the sun.
But suddenly Mankind Tracer SLs premier rock artist with the largest following in-world hits PAL Sunday eve in Europe timezone and noon in US.

Winner of the Second Life Resident Choice Award 2009 for Favorite SL Musician, is planning yet another HUGE Second Life concert event. He will be streaming his show LIVE to 20 SIMS all around the SL Grid for this year’s Peace, Love and Belief III Concert.

Last year’s Peace, Love and Belief II Multi Sim Concert lasted roughly 5.5 hours of Mankind performing LIVE!

Get on ur dancing shoes and come enjoy – we will provide u with the best DJ set of new music picks before and after the concert.

We expect Mankind at PAL 1:30-2:00 PM SLT – Be there :)

RE: PAL Reloaded

Persia bit the robo DJ g’nite after 6 hours event 3 AM!
A brief report from last nights event!
Everything worked smoothe and all 5 artists did awesome live gigs. All streams were set perfect and even though a very tight schedule no delay at all.
The local counter read 175 unique guests this morning and only counts in a close range to landing point which means all peeps who TP’d direct to audience area by friends excluded. So more likely about 250 peeps came and went throughout the 4-5 hour event. Good numbers!
Read reports recently claiming live gigs in SL has a downturn at the moment – well once again what to say? Pop Art Lab don’t see this downturn infact we see the opposite… a fast growing group and a fully packed sim! :)

Max Kleene doing his gig fronting 70 peeps crowd
Great respect and thanx goes to Emily Hifeng, Starflower Orbit, Persia Bravin, Gustavo Lionhart and Mozy Pera for helping throughout event.
For more pics pls click here

MAX Event Friday!

Pop Art Lab …we are RELOADED and ready to party!
We would like to welcome you to a fantastic event at ‘POP ART LAB’ starting at 12pm SLT on Friday May 22nd where a mix of the best musicians from RL and SL will be helping us celebrate the launch of our new and rather groovy sim!
POP ART LAB specializes in bringing the best, new CD releases into SL , streaming a mix of rock/pop/dance and electronica 24/7 all in a fully immersive, futuristic environment.
We also produce a variety of TV shows broadcast via SLCN.TV and in collaboration with RL TV broadcasting services. We are the sound of the future…..
To help us crash the sim, we have invited a tour de force of artists to join us
So get here early and experience an event to remember……

Emily Hifengs amazingly designed stage for this event.

12:00 PM SLT Opening w. DJ and meet and greet
1:00 PM SLT Mankind Tracer
1:30 PM SLT Lance Rembrandt
2:00 PM SLT Starflower Orbit
2:30 PM SLT Maximillion Kleene
3:00 PM SLT Max Morgan
3:45 PM SLT Afterparty w. DJ

Best wishes
Claus Uriza, CEO-POP ART LAB
Persia Bravin, PRESS-POP ART LAB

PAL at MySpace seeking Artists!

We’ve just launched new MySpace site dedicated to bring in RL artists to the Pop Vox TV shows. It’s still beta but check it out and friend us there.

If your an artists who wants to play with 3D enviroments feel free to drop us an email.

We have already had such famous artists in as Greg Hawkes (from the US supergroup The Cars), Max Morgan (UK/US Singer/songwriter), Baby “Lorenzo” Woodrose (from the acclaimed Scandinavian Garage band) and Mankind Tracer aka Seth Regan (who recently won Linden Labs Resident award choice as Best SL Musician!)

To view previous shows hit the link right side of this blog!

Our services include custom designed builds, avatar creation, avatar controlling while U play your instruments, audio tech. stream setup, lights and particle setups at stage.
We even have a homestudio in Copenhagen if u step by there while on tour! :P

We make sure the only thing you really have to care about is play your music while we stream it out throughout the Internet in HD 3D quality!

Mankind Tracer vids & article uploaded!

Pop Vox feat. Mankind Tracer April 8th

Just been uploaded here in glorious HD Widescreen format! Go check out it’s awesome!
Also SL Enquirer magazine just posted an article where Persia Bravin takes us behind the scene of Wednesdays Pop Vox show. Go read here

Happy Easter!!

RE: Mankind Tracer in Pop Vox TV

What an awesome Pop Vox show last night!
A report and how these shows happen behind the scene.We meet 1 hour before showstart MK, Persia Bravin, Yxes Delacroix (Treet.TV) and me. There we set up mikes and audio to test Skype and SL voice. This may sound as an easy job for an hour and well it can be. But being the director of these shows and not the best to let other people do the job I have to deal with access lists, handing out landmarks, coordinate audio/vids for simulcasted etc! Of course all this is planned and handed out days before shows but somehow people loose their notecards, SLurls, schedule and landmarks (and I sometimes do myself too!). No offence here at all just a note to let ya’ all know Second Life planning ain’t like Real Life planning. And oh to catch up this pre hour set up is high speed work leaving me with tons of IMs I try reply while speaking with 3 people same time on voice. Sorry to those I had to ignore.

*The cover of Mankind Tracers brand new CD*

Anyway!!! Pop Vox started 4:02 and we got it all set inclusive the audience. For the first time we invited the audience to participate in the artist interview by sending me IMs with their questions. It was great fun and after Persia Bravin finished her 20 min. interview I asked MK questions from the audience. After the interview which by the way was streamed live throughout the grid to those who tuned in and at SLCN plus Treet.TVs newly designed site we headed to the Q sim stage area where MK kicked off his 45 min live set at 5 PM. About 100 people saw and heard MK at his absolute TOP playing an awesome gig. I can’t wait to see this in HD widescreen qual. when Treet.TV put up in their archives asap. We could have hoped for more people but it was very late night in Europe and to maximize the TV recording it definately helped the sims didn’t lack performance due to higher traffic. Also of note Videopathic had set up a giant Intelli screen above stage where show could be viewed as seen live on Treet.TV.
To sum up it was prolly the most professional and successful Pop Vox show to date! :)
Huge respect and thanx to all behind this TV production/show.

Producer/Co-Host (SL): Claus Uriza Pop Art Lab CEO
Artist: Mankind Tracer aka Seth Regan (RL)
Host (SL): Persia Bravin
Management, Stage+TV design (SL): Emily Hifeng, Pop Art Lab Manager
Architecture (SL): Xray Haller
Mentor/Tech. (SL): Lapiscean Liberty, Videopathic
Pop Art Lab hosts (SL): Mozy Pera, Olivia Saphira
SLCN/Treet.TV (SL): Exe. prod. Starr Sonic, Yxes Delacroix, Texas Timtam

And to all the lovely people who participated in the interview and concert TX you were brilliant!

Update, pics, vids etc comin asap

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