Screening of a Pop Art Lab Party

Friday October 15th 12pm!

Each year Copenhagen, Denmark celebrate Culture of Night RL. This evening all major museums, shops and cultural institutions have open all eve/night and everything is free.

As part of a SL presentation via 12 computers where RL attendees will be helped into SL and 2-3 big screens in the RL Danish Ministry of Science there will be given tours for the attendees to various art exhibitions and happenings in SL

We want to show the RL attendees who step by to see what SL is all about – a thriving party!

The Pop Art Lab Party will be screened via projector at the RL venue.

Teleport via this link

Programme (all times SLT):

12:00pm DJ BRB “Dubz n Cuts”
01:00pm MommaLuv Skytower w. band
02:30pm DJ Bine “Deep House”

More info about RL event and SL tours:

Art Breaker Launch + Pop Art Lab Anniversary!


We are pleased to announce our new partners in Art Breaker The Nordic Virtual Worlds Network (NVWN).
Currently we enhanch the 12 hour event programme for our Art Breaker launch. Also this happens to be exact same date as we had our official Pop Art Lab opening back in September 2008. Not only will this event open our 2 months and 4.000 prims exhibit of some of the very best inter-/reactive art and sound installations seen in SL but also we’ll celebrate our 2 years birthday. Therefore, expect a big bang! The event programme listed below is not final changes might occur.

Info on Art Breaker.
After merely 1 month of recieving proposals the following artists been selected due to some highly impressive showcases.

Bryn Oh
Abstract Baroque
Misprint Thursday
Miso Susanowa
Sunn Thunders
Binary Quandry (install project cordinator)
Sabrinaa Nightfire
Sledge Roffo


Holidays – the invasion of physical worlds and coming ups

The lab is running in safe sunny holidays mode and only 1 stream been up previous weeks. However we are back within few days and it’s time for a brief update.

Our Art Breaker collaboration project showcasing 3500+ prims  of inter- reactive music, sound and art installations is speeding up and we’ve recieved some very cool proposals. Please note submission deadline is set for July 31. Due to the size and amount of work related to this project we’ll try to extend the rezz/build timeframe. Still final date for opening the showcase is set as part of our 2 year birthday anniversary start of September. More on this soon.

Good news on PALs coming autumn season! We are glad to announce we finally got event managers set and ready to kickoff with more focused events  starting early August. I have to admit this position at PAL haven’t been easy to find. To put it straight we only wants the very best artists and DJs fitting into our interests and finding those requires music brains. Long run these changes will strengthen our community and ensure we remain an important part of the virtual music scene. When thats said it’ll also allow me to step bit down and focus my time on the overall PAL presence which keeps taking us into new directions and cooperations!

Speaking of events… more good news! Saturday July 24 at 12 PM PST/SLT we’ll host Lance Rembrandts cd-release party of his new EP “I Wish You Were Here”. As a teaser by now watch his new promo video below where Lance talks about his new recordings. More details on show coming up.

To end this update it’s time to look back and introduce the physical worlds. Lately I went to a global confrence on virtual worlds hosted in Denmark. I did a short PAL poster session presenting our virtual work and few minutes later I was  asked to go talk about what we do at PAL as part of the new Nordic Worlds project. I had zero time preparing this and didn’t even knew the theme was “Trends in Virtual Worlds”. Please ignore flaws and the on the fly sequences! Also go check other participants interviews including John Lester aka x Pathfinder Linden

Claus Frisenberg Povlsen – Trends in Virtual Worlds
Uploaded by NORDICWORLDS. – Discover more science and tech videos.

Back to virtuality and notes. Lately I did one more interview/talk for Al Peretz who is currently setting up a new series of machinima interviews. To those who don’t know Al Peretz he is the great talented guy who recently won our machinma contest.

Finally we passed a rather World Cup 2010 infected SL7B celebration. We would have loved to be more around but glimpsed happily in silence. The greatest moment however was Philips return or to say Mark Kingdons whispering melodies in the background right before Philip Rosedale grabbed the mike!

Happy holidays

MMIF: 7 Hours of Machinima + DJs added

Countdown tonights the night! 10 hours of entertainment. Remember to come EARLY before the screening since only two of the four sims are open for the public (9 am – 6 pm SLT/PST). Other sims dedicated to productioncrew, hosts and each machinima artist will come present their film using SL voice! The last sim is dedicated to each machinima artist during full event plus hosts, VIPs etc etc.

When the 7 hours screening of more than 40 artists films are over all fours sims will be opened and afterparty will kick-off in center theatre. Also make sure to check out a giant video dome and artists showrooms.

Details on afterparty: Miss Cyberpink kick off with a set of electro and will show her superb mixing skills. Lastly at 7 pm SLT/PST Gomi Mifume (a regular in the Insilico community) will start. This will definately not be Top 40 but a fine selection of the NOW sounds of tech, noise, industrial and dubstep. To be updated….

Program EU/US

Saturday 20th of February

19:00 CET (= SL 10 am PST) – DOORS OPEN
20:00 CET (= SL 11 am PST) – Opening ceremony + Machinima film screenings
03:00 CET (= SL 6 pm PST) – THE END + After party online

MMIF2010 hosts:

11 am – noon: Blue Linden and Toxic Menges
Noon – 1 pm : Pooky Amsterdam
1 pm – 2 pm: Draxtor Despres and Chantal Harvey
2 pm – 3 pm: Poid Mahovlich and Paisley Beebe
3 pm – 4 pm: Evie Fairchild and CodeWarrior Carling
4 pm – 5 pm: Lauren Weyland
5 pm – 6 pm: Phaylen Fairchild
6 pm -> Afterparty hosted by Pop Art Lab
6 pm – 7 pm: DJ Miss Cyberpink
7 pm – 8 pm: DJ Gome Mfume

All Machinimas will be streamed live by Malburns Writers at Metaverse2 channel, and ofcourse here!

MMIF3 Public Seating Region
MMIF 4 Public Seating Region

For updates follow, and here!

Film and Music collide at the Lab!

‘MMIF 2010′ is the second edition of an annual film festival in 3D cyberspace with a screening in physical space (‘RL’). A seven hour movie marathon with a two hour afterparty. MMIF 2010 can also be followed on the web via live stream broadcasts.

A month ago, while I was multitasking at a real life Sirikata workshop at Roskilde University, I happened to meet Chantal Harvey at the lab. Actually I had met and become friends with Chantal ages ago-well, that’s what it feels like!

Back in 2008 she was a frequent visitor at the very beginning of Pop Art Lab. Then we both became busy with our separate projects, the years passed, but we managed to stay friends. Ok back to real life or whatever! We met in 3D and talked over this new project she was about to launch- the second global Machinima Festival MMIF which she had scheduled February 20th 2010.

The early days of the lab must have made some impact, because Chantal wanted to recreate the PAL vibe in the designs for the festival and also knew PAL had handled several quadsim events (where designs are centered in 4 sims to increase attendees up at 200+).

Well, of course I was interested in hosting a Machinima event this size plus PAL has actually had screenings and a movie center since back in 2008. We also produce the Pop Vox music shows at of which I have never thought of as machinima-but it is!

So our common interests have both grown since our first meeting and Chantal and I somehow realized we have come a long way since 2008! (ain’t virtual collaboration wonderful! I’m really excited about meeting her RL too at the Metameets conference in Dublin May 2010).

Back to MMIF festival! The lovely Linden Lab soon supported Chantal’s non-profit project with 4 sims and within a short time, we mingled up Chantal’s team with ours and decided to combine prefab designs from the lab and add new as well. By then setup was getting 4 sims 3 days before the event so timeline in design process had to be short. Days passed and Pop Art Labs chief commander/engineer Emily Hifeng quickly showed her building magic! Then magic collided when Linden Lab soon added 4 sims with full perms and freedom for the crew.

Ok so now the designs and set are close to finished and we are tweaking all kinds of details and also the set lists for the 2 hours after party Pop Art Lab has been asked to host there.

Many details and awesome weird rumors will be aired during next week. Let’s start.. Will Torley Linden open the festival? Will M Linden step by late and do a dubstep dance? Will Linden Lab bring news on their new Amsterdam office? (The festival is screened real life there). Will some of the 52 short machinimas screened at festival be broadcasted at Will event show up as message of the day at login screen?

What we do know by now is

It will be action packed… no shit!

Pop Art Lab loves projects like this. This shows Chantal Harvey’s love and passion for the art of machinima and will expose the talents of many of SL’s finest film makers. And we at the lab just add some sugar!

MMIF 2010 press release, info, promo video, full program, live streams, contact and latest updates and changes at

It’s Friday! So we are having a party….

It’s Friday…the weekend is nearly here…so we are having a party for the fun of it.

Join us at the PAL sim from 12.30pm SLT for a mix of tunes from DJ BRB followed at 1pm by a set from one of SL’s hottest sets-DJ Helloise McAllister. And the party will go on till late!

TPs here this SLurl

Helli is a RL DJ who divides her time between the UK and Portugal and her travels can be heard in her mix of very European style sets.
Electro rock, Indie, Alternative and Goth all feature in her sets. So head to PAL for the full Friday experience.See you there!

Persia X

The Future is Now

The New Year has got off to a flying start at Pop Art Lab! Apart from all the hot, new CD releases landing on our real life desks each day (2010 is shaping up to be a great year for music already….) we are very excited about what 2010 will bring us in Second Life.

Claus, myself and the rest of the PAL team had barely got over our holiday hangovers when plans for the future direction of PAL got underway. Expect to see a whole new look to the PAL sim soon (and a huge party of course!) fresh activities and us working with new partners in other genres of virtual media.

Our existing business partnerships continue to go from strength to strength and many congrats to the Treet.TV team on the launch of their new and wondrous website! Our work as a solutions provider for Linden Labs has only just begun and we have some superb guests lined up to appear on POP VOX.

Expect even more crossover of RL and SL projects to take place this year and if you think you know PAL…well…you haven’t seen anything yet!

Thanks to all our friends, supporters and sponsors for helping to make PAL the most cutting edge mixed reality music project in the world-2010 is gonna rock!

Persia Bravin X

Live music event Nov. 21

To celebrate the news that we have become member of the Second Life Solution Provider programme and also the world’s first ever virtual jukebox, we are hosting an amazing party on Saturday 21st Nov from 1-5pm SLT. Music will be provided by two of the most talented artists found in-world at the moment; the highly successful and popular Edward Kyomoon followed by MommaLuv Skytower who will perform her first ever official Second Life concert, and live DJ sets to follow.

Expect a free atmosphere, non-formal, crowded and as always celebrating the beauty of creativity inside Pop Art lab.
Edward perform rock with all the right moves, crash sims and MommaLuv brings her awesome voice and mix of selfcomposed rock, electro and hiphop beats!

Watch out here on blog as we expand the programme till showstart!

Saturday November 21.

DJ Brb kicks off

Edward Kyomoon:
Starting at the age of 16 he began performing live for audiences then went on to play guitar and keyboards in several local rock bands in the early 90′s. He perform rock music and love songs ranging from the 60′s to the present, covering bands and artists such as: The Doors, Pink Floyd, Blue October, Snow Patrol, and Nine Inch Nails. As a recording engineer he produce many of the backing tracks he use for live performances.
For more info and prelistens

MommaLuv Skytower:
MommaLuv Skytower is an avatar on SecondLife the alter ego of BJ Di Matteo aka Infaredhaze. Much of her work is on various websites, as she has been on the internet since the summer of August 2004 and has not stopped since. She has worked with artists from Acidplanet & CCmixter & many others from around the Globe. Her cds are sold on i-tunes & CdBAby & many others. She became an avatar upon the encouragement of many friends & has made a life there, enjoying all the perks of SecondLIfe. She also has an open invitation for anyone there to visit the LuvShack Stage & Luvshack Castle located on her LuvShack Beach.
For more info and prelistens

DJ Allenclive Beaumont
For more info and prelistens

PAL Celebrate 500 members Saturday

We have just reached 500 group members and celebrates with great live and dj acts this Saturday October 10th.
This time theme will be robo with electro live acts and indie!


1 PM SLT Dubstep/Electro DJ Opening
2 PM SLT JDCribs Turbo (US Dubstep)
3 PM SLT Engrama (Arg/Es Indie duo)
4 PM SLT Afterparty Electro

The fantastic Argentinian/Spanish due Engrama last time they played here. Pic courtesy Cyberloom.

Party at the Lab Friday

Friday 12 pm SLT we celebrate PAL manager Emily is back after long long holiday :) Although its kinda internal celebration we invite all friends and PAL lovers to join!
I’ll make a DJ mix of latest hottest hits and throw in the more obscure ones as always :P
Come dance and make sure one of the brainchilds behind the labs architecture and management gets celebrated.

The next big event with lots of live music is set to October 10th! Details will start pop up here on blog during next week.

Emily at Max Kleene concert
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