Pop Art Lab closes its SL sim

Pop Art Lab closes its SL sim in November 2012 – but keeps the train rolling!

The time has come to step away for a while from virtual worlds. After spending 5 years testing and playing with Second Life and Virtual Worlds platforms, I have decided to take hiatus. It has been a fantastic ride but I don’t think we can push it much further without significant changes in the technologies surrounding these environments.

This is not a permanent farewell to Second Life from Pop Art Lab, more of an extended break of our activities and a chance for us to reflect on our past successes and future projects but without the day to day responsibility of changing streams, worrying about tier payments and constant promotion of our services.

We already accomplished more than I ever dreamt about (brief Google search list 490 unique hits: “pop art lab”= 204.000!).

Allow me to list some highlights:

  • Created the very first fully immersive music jukebox worldwide enabling avatars to meet in virtual environments and walk around exploring 4 separate music streaming channels
  • 75.000-100.000 visitors
  • 15-20 virtual TV shows/concerts
  • 2000 new full length albums streamed
  • Mentioned in Los Angeles Times (for creating designs for Craig Lyons RL/SL concert)
  • Mentioned at The Swedish Internet Days conference 2011 (in Robin Teigland‘s speech, with huge viewership nationwide)
  • Hosted 50+ digital events
  • Creating influential designs (Torley Linden visited Pop Art Lab prior to opening his PAL “cube” inspired sim – see last pic in above slides)
  • Met various RL music celebrities avatars praising our work
  • Held presentations in San Francisco, Dublin (Ireland), Lahti (Finland) plus many more in Denmark
  • Participated in various Linden Lab developer programs
  • Participated in VW Sense-making and Innovation: A strategic research project at Roskilde University, Copenhagen Business School and partners project 2008-2012
  • Helped translate the official Linden Lab viewer into Danish
  • Set new standards for rolling out compelling machinima contests/events creating music videos for RL artists
  • RL meetings with a variety of influential RL music tech developers incl. Alexander Ljung (co-founder of Soundcloud)
  • Fronted secondlife.com Destination Guide numerous times and as first ever Scandinavian company
  • Stayed in Destination Guide’s music section throughout 4-5 years
  • Maintained and grown a huge network of valuable RL connections from across the globe
  • Held RL seminar day with Henrik Bennetsen (Sirikata/Katalabs) on using virtual worlds in Danish public library sector
  • Build a close relationship to national Danish/Scandinavian copyright institutions KODA, Gramex and NCB
  • Build a close relationship to local music business and entrepreneurs
  • Build an army of music lovers in a community with no physical border including 600 members from Bangkok to Aruba!
  • Supervised and tech setup of mixed reality Metanomics TV-show held in Denmark 2010
  • Supervised and designed the 4 sim complex for MMIF Machinima Festival 2010
  • Received praise and kudos by Mark D. Kingdon (M Linden), ex Linden Lab CEO during above MMIF (see blogpost).

And finally… met thousands of creative open minded lovely people, heard their stories, talked about music, cultures, politics and life from countries all around the world.

Here’s what will happen:

  1. PAL will continue building up Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. and focus entirely on posting news about music and shiny new tech in social media (games, virtual worlds included).
  2. PAL’s inworld group will continue though most updates will be linked to above networks.
  3. Inworld streaming will stop but will be used on special occasions via above networks.
  4. Sim will be gone in November (unless we receive unexpected interest from new partners).

Of specific note:

  • PAL’s Facebook Page (community) is no longer related to SL (subtitle removed)
  • PAL’s new Google+ and our Twitter will serve non Facebook users
  • PAL will focus on migrate cool stuff we learned in SL into above networks
  • PAL will continue its efforts in creating machinima/real music video contests and work with upcoming musicians and games
  • PAL will continue to make PR/management/social media setup for RL artists
  • PAL will continue observing the development of social gaming/virtual worlds
  • PAL will be available for specific customized tasks inworld whether it’s governance or design

The reason is:

  1. Streaming can in most cases be made using services like Spotify
  2. Mass adoption of virtual worlds lacks significant growth
  3. Barely no RL musicians or brands are willing to invest in SL
  4. Focus on Real Life and Real Life clients

We look forward to host inworld farewell activities and sincerely hope to keep up contact with all of you (we have a fairly new sim full of new designs! Navigation tip: Jump, explore, swim, explore!).

As a final note, I would like to assure that Pop Art Lab loves the Second Life platform, Linden Lab and the people who create the magic in there. During the years, there have been many issues in the way Linden Lab handle Second Life.

I want to point out it’s a wonderful platform they have created: especially the unique democratic tools that give everyone without specific skills a golden opportunity to create and visualize their culture, history and lives.

I sincerely hope all who have helped and still help create wonderful experiences inside virtual environments will flourish in the years to come.

Lastly, thanks so much to my team behind Pop Art Lab, because without you none of above would ever have happened!

Any questions or comments gladly received, please just shoot: clausuriza(at)gmail(dot)com, leave comment below or join the following networks for direct contact.




Heartfelt thanks,

Claus Uriza

Edited by Persia Bravin


Pop Art Lab in Pictures

Pop Art Lab presents its first ever photography contest in Second Life™

17th- 31st October 2011

Music and photography have always been natural artistic partners. Think of all the seminal musical moments in history captured through a lens: the concert performances, candid shots of rock stars behaving badly and behind the scenes images that show rock n roll history in all its gritty glory.

Now in its third year in Second Life, Pop Art Lab is inviting photographers from across SL to unleash their artistic vision as part of our anniversary celebrations. If you love taking photographs and like music- we want you to enter!

It’s up to you to decide what is in your shot, but the Pop Art Lab sim must be shown in some way. Apart from this, the creativity is all yours!
The top three winning images will all receive a cash prize, plus they will be seen by real life global record labels, recording artists and media companies who we work with in both worlds.

The prizes are as follows:
1st Prize Winner: L$15,000
2nd Prize Winner: L$10,000
3rd Prize Winner: L$5,000

How to enter
1) First join our group in Second Life by searching for: West Coast Pop Art Experimental Lab (this is where all notices and information on this contest will be posted).

2) Visit our sim to find inspiration and a good location to take your shot:


3) Take any type of image you like. There is no restriction on themes and you can include avatars, props etc. The only thing we ask is that some part of the Pop Art Lab sim is featured in your work and is clearly visible

4) Upload your shot to the Pop Art Lab flickr group, with your name and any other information in the description box.


Contest Requirements
1) All entrants must join our SL group and flickr group to complete their entries
2) Shots MUST feature the Pop Art Lab sim in some way
3) There is no restriction on themes: you have complete freedom to choose composition-anything goes!
4) If you need rezz rights at our sim, contact Claus Uriza
5) Post processing such as Photoshop is allowed
6) By submitting your entry, you give permission for Pop Art Lab to use your images in SL, on its website and for real life promotional purposes

Claus Uriza: CEO RL & SL Pop Art Lab
Persia Bravin: Marketing Manager RL & SL Pop Art Lab

About Pop Art Lab
Pop Art Lab is a real world music research company that is exploring the use of virtual words such as Second Life as alternative music performance venues. Each week, we stream up to twenty new CD releases from world famous recording artists full length and 24/7 from our class 5 sim, so SL residents can listen to fresh music releases from all genres of music.
We also invite real life musicians, DJs and record labels into SL to encourage creative collaboration; we produce a TV music series in partnership with Treet.TV, and work with machinima makers, virtual artists and many other content creators for mutual benefit.
With a full range of services available, and a team of professional staff, Pop Art Lab is blurring the boundaries between the real and virtual. One recent music video contest gathered over one million hits and as we move into the future, our plans are to expand our activities and services in both worlds.
Above all, our mission is to make music social: by using virtual worlds such as Second Life, people can enjoy music with others from across the globe-and all in real time.

Emma Acs Machinima Event – Final Video Documentary!

We are pleased to present our latest Pop Vox this time featuring pre- and post edited recordings from our latest Emma Acs machinima musicvideo contest/event.

Our previous Pop Vox shows have all been done entirely live recorded by Treet.TV but we are moving towards more independent and flexible productions.

Thanks a lot to our productioncrew Al Peretz and Yesikita Coppola.

Updates from the Lab (or lack of!)

Wish we could air more details on our upcoming Emma Acs Machinima event but by now there’s too many unsolved ends!

First of all we are trying to mingle out a date. It ain’t easy as June is full of cool events. We have Chantal Harveys MMIF Int. Machinima Festival, MetaMeets Confrence in Amsterdam, SL8B (the official Second Life 8 years birthday) just to mention a few.


Feedback on Giana Factory musicvideo entries!

Here is selected feedback from jury as well as prolific machinina makers and experts. We hope you enjoyed the contest and looks forward to launch next!
Jury members was asked to send their Top 3 and you can see their votes below each video of those they selected. To read more about the jury please see previous post.
I hope I have included most important quotes but might add more as these appears on numereous sites and I haven’t got the time right now to run all through.
Thank you so much to all who participated! We hope this feedback will be useful!
If you missed the full broadcast of event it is now available at Treet TVs archive.

Director: Ian Pahute
Adam Hashemi, jury: No. 2 “For its simplicity. Even though it’s a bit boring, it’s the only one with a shred of esthetic quality (according to my taste)”
Claus Uriza: “I love it, nice graphics and maybe the most “accesseble” video for people who are not familiar with machinima. One of my winners!”

Director: Ormand Lionheart
Rhett Linden, jury: No. 1
Adam Hashemi, jury: No. 1 “Has some good dancing moves”
Toxic Menges, jury: No. 2 “Has created a masterful mix of colour and motion that really works well, it’s definite mastery of machinima is evident and the vibrancy works good with the song”
Giana Factory, artist: No. 1 Loui Foo, singer “… Amazingly abstract! It pictures an absurdity and a parallel universe, we could not even imagine existed. We find the colors and the playfulness and creativity in the universe very attractive. It’s unpredictable and avant garde and still pure eye candy, and has an almost burlesque feel to it. Besides that, we think it goes well with the tune and keeps the story untold, and it’s up to the viewer to create their own.”
Claus Uriza: “I don’t think visuals inside Second Life can be made much better right now. Extremely well edited. One of my winners”

Director: Al Peretz
Hamlet Au, New World Notes: No. 2 “Heavy on the cyberpunk action”
Claus Uriza: “Probably the biggest production and very compelling graphics. Very clever editing as well. Maybe too many ideas thrown in the mix”
IcechickenSr, YouTube: “I have no idea what you guys are are all competing in or what the contest is all about. But after looking at a bunch of these done by others I really keep finding myself attracted to this one. I think it has more of a theme or story line happening in the video which naturaly attracts the human eye to it. It’s really a very cool contest and project I like it, the song is very cool too. Good work! Cheers, IC”

Director: Lara Larix
Rhett Linden, jury: No. 3
Claus Uriza: “Love the dark interpretation of the story which at some point fits the lyrics very well”

Director: Kira Madrigal
Claus Uriza: “The script of story is absolutely fantastic and to me maybe the best interpretation of the lyrics of all entries”
Michelle Leckrone, director: “Like the images good look”
Dandilyon Fluff, blogger: “My personal favorite remains the submission by Kira Madrigal, due in a large part to the focus on telling a story visually” … The story plays out well, elicits genuine emotional involvement and fits with the lyrics”

Director: MommaLuv Skytower
Adam Hashemi, jury: No. 3 “Has some great characters, love the weirdness”
Toxic Menges, jury: No. 3 “MommaLuv has made some fantastic images for this – Iove the concept and look”
Claus Uriza: “Knowing this is MommaLuvs debut machinima I have to say: Please make more films this is so talented and full of cool screwed impressions”
Arbit Delacroix, director: “Fantastic! It has such a cool crazy feel and it doesn’t even look like it was shot in SL, which is no small feat in itself! I loved the whole vibe and the RL video hybrid stuff was excellent too”
Mozy Pera, director: “Amazing creativity! I love how you mixed the RL and SL videos together!”

Director: Arbit Delacroix
Toxic Menges, jury: No. 1 “Arbit has used Windlight, depth of field, and beautiful effects and given the piece a narrative edge. It’s visually stunning. I Wish I had made it”
Rhett Linden, jury: No. 2
Adam Hashemi, jury: No. 4 “I guess it’s because I judge from a story aspect, more than a technical one. It bothers me that they try to tell a story but it doesn’t really work for me. It’s nice looking though, and it does get the music through well”
Giana Factory, band: No. 2
Iono Allen, director: No. 1
Hamlet Au, New World Notes: No. 1
Ormand Lionheart, director: “Well I see this as the winner. Awesome job overall. Beautiful scenes, awesome camera work, no lag, amazing attention to detail. Amazing looking avatar”
Claus Uriza: “Absolutely stunning video and seen from my perspective a true classic musicvideo. If I should point out one tricky part it’s the storyline. I had to watch few times before I really got it. One of my winners”

Director: Abdullah Yazimoto
Claus Uriza: “Unfortunately this fantastic video have been withdrawn by director”

Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011 – Programme!


Saturday 26th March
2-6pm SLT/PDT (22:00-02:00 CET) (5-11pm EDT)
Live web broadcast at: http://treet.tv/live
Access: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/166/133/1204


Earlier this year, POP ART LAB challenged film makers from across Second Life ™ to make a music video for real life, electronica band GIANA FACTORY based on their song ‘Pixelated Truth.’

This weekend……we will see the results.

POP ART LAB is proud to present all entries in our annual machinima expo at an exclusive film preview party held at our sim. The event will also be streamed live across TREET.TV and with a range of eminent guest speakers and judges, interviews with members of GIANA FACTORY- plus a not to be missed after show party-this is set to be the machinima event of the year.

Who will walk away with the L$50,000 prize? Join us to find out.

Please RSVP to either:

Claus Uriza-CEO of POP ART LAB
Persia Bravin-Press Manager of POP ART LAB

Promotional Video:



2.00: Opening Introduction with Persia Bravin & Claus Uriza
2.15: Rhett Linden-Guest Speaker
2.30: Machinima Screenings
3.10: GIANA FACTORY interview
3.30: Announcement of winning entry plus guest speaker Toxic Menges
3.45: Chantal Harvey-Guest Speaker
4.00: After show party with guest DJ’s Evil Laa + TBA



Rhett Linden- Senior Director, Experience/ Design
Adam Hashemi – RL Film and Music Video Director
Toxic Menges-Machinima Maker


Abdullah Yazimoto, Al Peretz, Arbit Delacroix, Ian Pahute, Kira Madrigal, Lala Larix, Mommaluv Skytower and Ormand Lionheart



Hosted in Pop Art Lab by Persia Bravin and Claus Uriza
Live web broadcasted by Treet.TV at http://treet.tv/live
Made in partnership with Giana Factory, Music for Dreams, Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark and Treet.TV
Set Designs: Laggy Homewood, Emily Hifeng
Creative Support: Douglas Story, Desdemona Enfield, Chrome Underwood
Avatar Creation: Ivy Maverick (Maverick Skins and Shapes)
Giz Seorn (GizzA Creations)
Promotional Video: Iono Allen



Additional information on the following partners can be found beneath. For any direct queries please contact:
Claus Uriza : clausuriza@gmail.com
Persia Bravin: persia.bravin@yahoo.com

ALL VIDEO ENTRIES: http://www.youtube.com/popartlab
POP ART LAB: http://www.popartlab.com/
GIANA FACTORY: http://gianafactory.dk/
MUSIC FOR DREAMS: http://www.musicfordreams.dk/intro.html
ADAM HASHEMI: http://www.blinkprods.com/directors/view-work/item2509/Adam-Hashemi/
ROSKILDE UNIVERSITY: http://worlds.ruc.dk/

Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011

We are currently tweaking our upcoming machinima event and thought we would share the first details here by now.
Event is webcasted live by Treet.TV and access limited to 50 people. Please drop an IM, notecard or email to clausuriza(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll try figure out whether we have to run this event by “invites only”. However event can be viewed by all via Treet.TVs livestream


Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011
Date: March 26
Time: 2-6pm SLT/PST (22:00-01:00 CET)
Place: Giana Factory Stage, Pop Art Lab

The making of the official musicvideo for Giana Factorys new single Pixelated Truth

2.00: Opening Introduction with Persia Bravin & Claus Uriza
2.15: Rhett Linden-Guest Speaker
2.30: Machinima Screenings
3.10: GIANA FACTORY interview
3.30: Announcement of winning entry plus guest speaker Toxic Menges
3.45: Chantal Harvey-Guest Speaker
4.00: After show party with guest DJ’s

Musicvideo Jury: Toxic Menges, Adam Heshemi, Rhett Linden
Live web broadcasted by Treet.TV at http://treet.tv/live
Made in partnership with Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark and Treet.TV

Ready, Set, ACTION: Machinima Contest Starts This Tuesday

Calling all Machinima artists!

Pop Art Lab (PAL) has secured an opportunity for Second Life’s video artists to work with one of Scandinavia’s most promising real world bands, Giana Factory, to create a full music video shot entirely within Second Life.

We want to show the real world the creativity and talents of machinima artists working within virtual worlds. Finally the time is up to show the real world music industry the powers of making videos inside virtual worlds.

Launching February 1st., PAL is conducting a machinima contest aimed at partnering a talented Second Life video artist with real world musical group, Giana Factory. Submissions are due March 5th. The winner of the judged context will not only see their work in real world use; they will also receive an incentive prize of $50,000 Lindens.

About Giana Factory:
Danish band ‘Giana Factory’ are a musical trio who have already gained critical and public acclaim for their distinctive sound which fuses edgy pop with ethereal electronica. The band recently consented to let ‘POP ART LAB’ use their song ‘Pixelated Truth’ for this contest. The tune can be heard and downloaded via Soundcloud

03 Pixelated Truth 1 by GianaFactory

For more information on Giana Factory, visit their website

Contest Rules:
The theme and story of your music video is entirely open with avatar likenesses to Giana Factory musicians both allowed and encouraged.
More than 75% of the footage must be recorded inside Second Life.
Please keep in mind you have to ask sim owners in Second Life for accept to film on their land. Feel free to record in the Pop Art Lab sim.

Run of Show:

The PAL sim will be open 4 weeks prior to submission deadline so everyone have the time to come record.
We kindly ask all of you to act appropriately and show respect and understanding so everyone will be able to record in peace and ensure a fair play.
Each participant who wants to rezz must join the Pop Art Lab group and leave a notecard to Claus Uriza with names to be added. Please remove objects after filming. Scripts will be enabled.

Submit via Youtube
To submit one or more films you need to upload them to YouTube and then send the appropriate link to clausuriza(at)gmail(dot)com along with your film title, name and contact info.
Please add “Pop Art Lab Music Video Entry” to your film title on YouTube.
We will collect entries as favorites on our contest channel and embed finalist films on blogs as well (Films with highly inappropriate content will be excluded).

Giana Factory will have the final decision in selecting the winning video. However several movie experts from both real world and Second Life will be part of the jury. Names will be posted during February.

Important Dates:
Submission deadline – 12 AM PDT/SLT March 5, 2011
Recording period – Feb. 1, 2011 through March 5, 2011
Winner will be announced at a huge event ‐ March TBA, 2011

Format Guidelines:
Widescreen: Minimum 480p up to 1080p
Frame rate: Minimum 24 fps (frames per second)
Size: < 1 Gb

IMPORTANT: Titles and Credits
All titles or credits must be sent to clausuriza@gmail.com when you submit the video.
Please do NOT include title and credits before or during but make it appear at least 5 seconds AFTER in a complete cut to black/white.
Note: These rules are made to make it easier for media outlets who might want to play the winning video afterwards. Of course, you are welcome to put titles, credits etc. in text field on YouTube.

You retain all of your ownership rights to your film submission. However, by submitting you also grant us Giana Factory and Pop Art Lab a license to use, reproduce and distribute your film. When you upload the video to YouTube you’re granting us an exclusive license for the duration of the competition. After the competition finishes it automatically reverts to a non-exclusive license for all videos except the winning video. We retain the exclusive license so the band can use it as their official music video if they want to do so.

Additional Information About Giana Factory:
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWjZ624WmIg
Pictures: http://www.musicfordreams.net/gianafactory/
Tune: http://soundcloud.com/gianafactory or http://bit.ly/hK7zIp

About Pop Art Lab:
Pop Art Lab was founded start of 2008 in the virtual world of Second Life. It provides a dynamic immersive environment within which avatars can gather together to share their interest in music, movies & machinima, and attend live concerts and events occurring both entirely within the virtual environment and in mixed realities that merge reality with the metaverse. For more information, visit http://popartlab.com

Any questions please IM Claus Uriza inworld or send an email to clausuriza(at)gmail(dot)com
Press enquiries please email Persia Bravin at persia.bravin(at)yahoo(dot)com
Real Life press release available as Google Doc

Updates from the lab + Skylight views

Linden Labs Skylight test have been running few weeks now and we’ll recommend everyone to try it out via this link (a lightweight Second Life accessed via webbased cloud rendereing). By now only highspeed connections gets an enter email option bottom of site while running the streaming video.
I tested this several times and must say it’s awesome, fast and an easy way of showing newbies a teaser of what SL have to offer. My good friend Chantal Harvey made a nice post after testing it in our lab and Cyberloom have a good write-up as well. And mentioning Cyberloom please make sure to check out her blog which also featured Bryn Ohs Art Breaker installation lately.

As Skylight test is currently in Beta we’ll have to wait and see how and if Linden Lab wants to develop and expand this service in the future. Judgeing on first few weeks of visitors accessing PAL this way we certainly have to make changes in the way these newbies “meets” our sim. We have seen quite a few stumbling in our cubes which tells us many aren’t familiar navigating using the fly/jump option. Also a noteworthy amount seems to leave as they don’t see an ongoing live event or meet a lot of socializing people. As our lab is pretty much based on auto greeting giving out notecards and chatlines telling what to do we are currently not set to give this type of visitors an optimal arrival. If and as soon as Linden Lab gives us more info on the future plans of Skylight we’ll take steps to improve all this. This can be done by putting up visual signs telling how to access our content. By now testers can’t recieve info through inventory given objects, can’t access our fully lined up 9-12 destinations via teleport centrals (eg. able to see our Art Breaker installations) and can’t see where or when events are happening.
Still though I’ve met very satisfied testers as well and with just a little tweaking we believe PAL can be an awesome landing point for newbies. Let me put in a quote that left me quite optimistic made by Elitär und Spaß dabei (draxtor.despres): “if i show folks the [SL] web version i will either go to Insilico or PAL”.

Ok on to coming actions. We have planned weekly 6 hours events featuring DJs to be hosted down in our club. First of these starts coming Friday November 26 running 12pm-6pm. There’ll be a strong focus on electro, drum’n'bass, dubstep but also touches of indie and underground hiphop.
Have a look below to see location and how last event looked like just before closing.

On coming Pop Vox TV we are currently close getting set up for a December show. More on this as soon artists have confirmed.

As previous mentioned here 2011 will see an increased focus on promotion of Danish artists and music. Few real life meetings with major music orgs have already taken place and two more are confirmed start of December.
When this puzzle is solved expect some serious rockets to hit the grid first Q 2011!

Forgot to post full lenghts videos of my speak recently given in Lahti, Finland on “Music and Culture in Second Life”

Also there’s a great panel from there feat. Kenny Hubble, Karl K. Kapp, Bill May, Ian Hughes/Epredator, me and more. Go check it out here!

Both files are Windows so you might have to convert for MAC!

Meanwhile go explore Pop Art Labs 4 streams of constantly changing cool new albums, attend our events or simply have a chill during busy real life of next weeks Thanksgiving and the coming Xmas craze.

Dubstep DnB Blackout!

FRIDAY November 5
11:30am-6pm SLT/PDT



Dub/D&B Blackout

POP ART LAB has joined forces with the cream of Dubstep and Drum’n'Bass DJ’s in Second Life for a truly remarkable event-six hours of high octane tracks mixed by masters in this genre of electronic dance music.

Dubstep was born from the UK garage scene, but quickly distinguished itself by the signature use of bass heavy rhythms, hard drum patterns and dirty reverb that grabs you in its sonic embrace and shakes you to the core.

It’s already infiltrated the mainstream music scene where its unique sound is used to give depth in remixes of standard pop tracks and Dubstep DJ’s and Producers are reshaping music as we know it.


11:30 Arrival
12:00 Danxx Cluny
01:00 Dan Galdonaldo
02:00 cyte Chrome
03:00 bonkerxxx Rexie
04:00 dani Maesar
05:00 Dysfunctional Aurotharius
06:00 Departure

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