Updates from the lab + Skylight views

Linden Labs Skylight test have been running few weeks now and we’ll recommend everyone to try it out via this link (a lightweight Second Life accessed via webbased cloud rendereing). By now only highspeed connections gets an enter email option bottom of site while running the streaming video.
I tested this several times and must say it’s awesome, fast and an easy way of showing newbies a teaser of what SL have to offer. My good friend Chantal Harvey made a nice post after testing it in our lab and Cyberloom have a good write-up as well. And mentioning Cyberloom please make sure to check out her blog which also featured Bryn Ohs Art Breaker installation lately.

As Skylight test is currently in Beta we’ll have to wait and see how and if Linden Lab wants to develop and expand this service in the future. Judgeing on first few weeks of visitors accessing PAL this way we certainly have to make changes in the way these newbies “meets” our sim. We have seen quite a few stumbling in our cubes which tells us many aren’t familiar navigating using the fly/jump option. Also a noteworthy amount seems to leave as they don’t see an ongoing live event or meet a lot of socializing people. As our lab is pretty much based on auto greeting giving out notecards and chatlines telling what to do we are currently not set to give this type of visitors an optimal arrival. If and as soon as Linden Lab gives us more info on the future plans of Skylight we’ll take steps to improve all this. This can be done by putting up visual signs telling how to access our content. By now testers can’t recieve info through inventory given objects, can’t access our fully lined up 9-12 destinations via teleport centrals (eg. able to see our Art Breaker installations) and can’t see where or when events are happening.
Still though I’ve met very satisfied testers as well and with just a little tweaking we believe PAL can be an awesome landing point for newbies. Let me put in a quote that left me quite optimistic made by Elitär und Spaß dabei (draxtor.despres): “if i show folks the [SL] web version i will either go to Insilico or PAL”.

Ok on to coming actions. We have planned weekly 6 hours events featuring DJs to be hosted down in our club. First of these starts coming Friday November 26 running 12pm-6pm. There’ll be a strong focus on electro, drum’n'bass, dubstep but also touches of indie and underground hiphop.
Have a look below to see location and how last event looked like just before closing.

On coming Pop Vox TV we are currently close getting set up for a December show. More on this as soon artists have confirmed.

As previous mentioned here 2011 will see an increased focus on promotion of Danish artists and music. Few real life meetings with major music orgs have already taken place and two more are confirmed start of December.
When this puzzle is solved expect some serious rockets to hit the grid first Q 2011!

Forgot to post full lenghts videos of my speak recently given in Lahti, Finland on “Music and Culture in Second Life”

Also there’s a great panel from there feat. Kenny Hubble, Karl K. Kapp, Bill May, Ian Hughes/Epredator, me and more. Go check it out here!

Both files are Windows so you might have to convert for MAC!

Meanwhile go explore Pop Art Labs 4 streams of constantly changing cool new albums, attend our events or simply have a chill during busy real life of next weeks Thanksgiving and the coming Xmas craze.

1-2 Testing… Skylight

I posted above tweet yesterday and it quickly started to gain increasingly interest in the blogos-/tweetsphere. The tests will start November 8 and run for 2 weeks as a start. A (to me) unknown numbers of Destination Guide locations will be included.

The cool thing about LL and the way they work is we are often left with lots of questions and very few answers. It’s almost like watching David Lynch movies. You either hate it or love it.

We love the unexpected, will put all our efforts in making a good test and wish Skylight good luck.
Xray awaits the browser goofing public to arrive at PAL and ask: “Claus I wear guns I really don’t like these n00bs around here” Claus replies: “Don’t be scared baby it’s only human beings accessing our world, they don’t bite. Hand them the purple coffee they might even stay here” before he runs AFK he whispers “Open up your arms X Baby it’s our future”

Further reading at
New World Notes
Dwell on it
Facing Grace

Enraptured by ‘SOLEIL’: Pop Vox TV Coming Up!

Monday November 1st, 4 PM SLT

Pop Art Lab and Treet.TV presents Pop Vox featuring Soleil (US/Jap)

Pop Art Lab is proud to present the latest edition of its television music show ‘POP VOX’ with an extra special interview and performance from a band that hold people in rapture throughout the Second Life music scene – ‘Soleil’. If you haven’t heard of ‘Soleil’ yet then brace yourself; because they are destined to break the barrier from being virtually based musicians and are destined to catapult into the big league of RL artists too.

Comprising the talents of Japanese based music composer Tasuku Ghost and USA born singer and film maker ColeMarie Soleil, their dream like, ethereal songs with dark narratives and breathy lyrics are truly sublime. Also well known for creating show stopping sets and lighting displays, ‘Soleil’ have left audiences mesmerised in the few months since they have formed and are regularly asked to perform at the hottest virtual events. If ambient electronica with a sprinkling of dark fairy dust sounds like your idea of music heaven make sure you arrive at the ‘Pop Art Lab’ TV studios on Monday November 1st from 3pm SLT.

Join in at Pop Art Labs TV studio and participate in the interview prior to the live show but come timely or IM Claus Uriza for reserve.

More info on Soleil and prelistens HERE

4:00-4:20 PM SLT/PST
Interview at Pop Art Lab TV Studio (limited to 45 seats)


4:30-5:00 PM SLT/PST
Concert (limited to 60)


You can also watch the show live HERE

Press Information

‘Soleil’ official sites:



Pop Art Lab is a real life music company that works with record companies, media agencies, educators and artists to promote the viability of virtual worlds as alternative performance venues. Pop Art Lab produces ‘POP VOX’ in partnership with TREET.TV for live broadcast across the internet.

CEO/Producer-Claus Uriza
Press Manager/Host-Persia Bravin

The Finland Interview

The following interview was given right after my presentation October 7th at OEM2010 Confrence, Lahti, Finland.

Presentation, Lahti, Finland Oct. 7th 2010

Courtesy: Epredator aka Ian Hughes

“On our way to the beautiful confrence space in Sibelius Hall, Lahti, Finland one early morning. From left organizer Georges Segura, me, Karl M. Kapp and Ken “Hubble” Hudson”

Courtesy: Epredator aka Ian Hughes

“Ken Hudson giving his opening keynote. I showed above slideshow right after Ken in front of 100 attendees”

Pop Art Lab in Finland

October 7th, Lahti, Finland
Organisers: Salpaus Further Education
and University of East Finland, Department for training and Development
“Learning in Different Worlds” Seminar


Music and Culture in Second Life by Claus Uriza
01:40-02:20am SLT PDT (California)

Art Panel
Panelists: Misprint Thursday, Chantal Harvey, Gwenette Writer
Host: Claus Uriza
Location: Pop Art Lab TV Studio
SLurl (Teleport): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab/172/62/104

(All times in SLT PDT (California))

6:00am Introduction
6:10 Misprint Thursday
6:40 Break (rezz of SL screens, slides)
6:45 Chantal Harvey
7:15 Break (rezz of SL screens, slides)
7:20 Gwenette Writer
7:50 Roundup, questions
8:20 end

Panel will be projectored via SL to large screen at real life venue. Panel will be held using SL voice and the inworld location is free to attend although limited to 45 avatars. All inworld attendees are encouraged to participate using open chat. The panel will not be streamed live.

About the speakers

Chantal Harvey
Dutch Multi Media/Mixed Reality expert.
Background in TV – camera person, editor,( multi-) cam director, board member.
Artschool – goldsmith, designer, painter
CEO at Mamachinima.eu – http://mamachinima.eu
Founder of the Mamachinima Int. Festival – http://MMIF.org
Producer of the 48 Hour Film Project Machinima – http://48hourfilm.com/machinima
Misprint Thursday
Misprint is an artist in both worlds. Her work manifests in many forms including interactive art, sound, music, machinima, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and performance. Her core interests include: emotive narratives, visual and behavioral patterns, visual conceptions of modes of communication, modern and historic iconography and relation to the natural and built environment. She enjoys creating on a daily basis and remains hopeful and open to the collaborative possibilities of the digital and the real. Her work has been noted on wired.com, PBS Art21 Blog, IndabaMusic, as well as by academics and art historians. Misprint has a background in fine art. http://www.misprintthursday.com

More info at Seminar site

Update from the Lab!

Finally time for an update!

We passed a very successful launch of our Art Breaker exhibition. More than 1000 visitors stepped by during the weekend and that number is by far doubled now. Parts of the 12 hour opening event can be viewed at Treet.TV. Art Breaker was originally intended to run for 2 months endning start of November. However I managed to make a bummer in official poster that stated October 4th. Anyway it’ll be extended till November 5th!
Also Art Breaker is up in Editors’ Picks at secondlife.com site and we are proud of it! Go support it there
I want to sincerely thanks everyone who have participated and helped making Art Breaker such a fantastic and powerfull exhibition. As late of few days ago I witnessed major companies who brought in classes and gave tours there.
I am pretty sure you haven’t read the last word yet about Art Breaker as we will revamp it with events during October.

And now to the coming up section.

I’ll head to a confrence in Finland next week to make a presentaion about Music in Virtual Worlds and host a panel on Arts as well. This has been scheduled for long and the Finnish connection actually started few years ago when Kiana Writer (Founder of MadPea) hooked me up with Finnish edu sims. Since then I’ve went there twice virtually to give speak to students about Pop Art Lab and Entrepreneurship in virtual worlds. Now it’s time to visit for real.
October 7th I’ll make a 40 min presentation and after lunch I’ll host a 2+ hour Art panel direct from SL and projectored to screen at real confrence. The art panel will include three 30 min presentations by artists Misprint Thursday, Chantal Harvey and Gwenette Writer. We’ll send out inworld invites and hope we can get a thriving art debate during panel virtual and real.
Full schedule and info for “PAL in Finland” will be posted here coming days.

Our next announcement is a very exciting Pop Vox TV music show coming up November 1st. The show will be featuring head of Canadian project “Peace-Partners” as well as live concert by musicians related to the project.
“The adventure started in early 2009. Based on the twin ideals of Peace and Freedom, musician Patrick Lajeunesse founded a group on the music collaboration website of Indaba Music. As a result of those collaborations, around 60 artists from a dozen countries participated. Together, they created more than 40 songs.”
The peace project is non-profit and affilated with Amnesty International and Warchild, Canada.
We are looking much forward to do our very best to bring awareness to this great initiative.

Lastly we’ll continue to showcase Art Breaker and we gladly arrange guided tours up there. Just ping me and we can work out time/date. To visit Art Breaker teleport here!

Pop Vox showcase at Treet Expo

Our partners Treet.TV host a giant expo this weekend. Pop Art Lab started back in 2008 making the now popular Pop Vox music TV in partnership with Treet.TV. We have set up a showcase booth in the Treet sim and you can get there by using link/SLURL below. For full event programme please go to Treets site

Here’s quote from press release.

“For two days Second Life’s favourite and most watched media network is throwing open its doors in a bonanza of style, content and fun. All your favourite Treet shows have booths and events happening during the two day event which will blow your socks off (even if you’re barefoot).

The Expo will be held on Tropical Treet (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Treet/134/214/22) with a mixture of scheduled events and high profile shenanigans going on through out the weekend. There’s hunts, prizes, freebies, music, live shows and a chance for you to be on TV.”

Step by and say hi during weekend!

Tasuku Ghost at Art Breaker

Treet.TV: “To celebrate the 2nd Birthday of Pop Art Lab in Second Life enjoy this AMAZING live performance from Tasuko Ghost – the music is amazing and the stage show is theatrical and impressive”.

Art Breaker Launch + Pop Art Lab Anniversary!


We are pleased to announce our new partners in Art Breaker The Nordic Virtual Worlds Network (NVWN).
Currently we enhanch the 12 hour event programme for our Art Breaker launch. Also this happens to be exact same date as we had our official Pop Art Lab opening back in September 2008. Not only will this event open our 2 months and 4.000 prims exhibit of some of the very best inter-/reactive art and sound installations seen in SL but also we’ll celebrate our 2 years birthday. Therefore, expect a big bang! The event programme listed below is not final changes might occur.

Info on Art Breaker.
After merely 1 month of recieving proposals the following artists been selected due to some highly impressive showcases.

Bryn Oh
Abstract Baroque
Misprint Thursday
Miso Susanowa
Sunn Thunders
Binary Quandry (install project cordinator)
Sabrinaa Nightfire
Sledge Roffo


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