New Pop Art Lab Music Video Competition!

We barely finished our recent Giana Factory project and what happens?! I fell in love with new album by Danish upcoming band Emma Acs & the Inbred Family.
I’m pleased to announce we’ll continue pushing the local Danish musicscene and set up new musicvideo/machinima competetion!

Today Emma Acs picked “We Make Sense” as their most likely forthcoming single from their newly released debut album Champagne.


Ready, Set, ACTION: Machinima Contest Starts This Tuesday

Calling all Machinima artists!

Pop Art Lab (PAL) has secured an opportunity for Second Life’s video artists to work with one of Scandinavia’s most promising real world bands, Giana Factory, to create a full music video shot entirely within Second Life.

We want to show the real world the creativity and talents of machinima artists working within virtual worlds. Finally the time is up to show the real world music industry the powers of making videos inside virtual worlds.

Launching February 1st., PAL is conducting a machinima contest aimed at partnering a talented Second Life video artist with real world musical group, Giana Factory. Submissions are due March 5th. The winner of the judged context will not only see their work in real world use; they will also receive an incentive prize of $50,000 Lindens.

About Giana Factory:
Danish band ‘Giana Factory’ are a musical trio who have already gained critical and public acclaim for their distinctive sound which fuses edgy pop with ethereal electronica. The band recently consented to let ‘POP ART LAB’ use their song ‘Pixelated Truth’ for this contest. The tune can be heard and downloaded via Soundcloud

03 Pixelated Truth 1 by GianaFactory

For more information on Giana Factory, visit their website

Contest Rules:
The theme and story of your music video is entirely open with avatar likenesses to Giana Factory musicians both allowed and encouraged.
More than 75% of the footage must be recorded inside Second Life.
Please keep in mind you have to ask sim owners in Second Life for accept to film on their land. Feel free to record in the Pop Art Lab sim.

Run of Show:

The PAL sim will be open 4 weeks prior to submission deadline so everyone have the time to come record.
We kindly ask all of you to act appropriately and show respect and understanding so everyone will be able to record in peace and ensure a fair play.
Each participant who wants to rezz must join the Pop Art Lab group and leave a notecard to Claus Uriza with names to be added. Please remove objects after filming. Scripts will be enabled.

Submit via Youtube
To submit one or more films you need to upload them to YouTube and then send the appropriate link to clausuriza(at)gmail(dot)com along with your film title, name and contact info.
Please add “Pop Art Lab Music Video Entry” to your film title on YouTube.
We will collect entries as favorites on our contest channel and embed finalist films on blogs as well (Films with highly inappropriate content will be excluded).

Giana Factory will have the final decision in selecting the winning video. However several movie experts from both real world and Second Life will be part of the jury. Names will be posted during February.

Important Dates:
Submission deadline – 12 AM PDT/SLT March 5, 2011
Recording period – Feb. 1, 2011 through March 5, 2011
Winner will be announced at a huge event ‐ March TBA, 2011

Format Guidelines:
Widescreen: Minimum 480p up to 1080p
Frame rate: Minimum 24 fps (frames per second)
Size: < 1 Gb

IMPORTANT: Titles and Credits
All titles or credits must be sent to when you submit the video.
Please do NOT include title and credits before or during but make it appear at least 5 seconds AFTER in a complete cut to black/white.
Note: These rules are made to make it easier for media outlets who might want to play the winning video afterwards. Of course, you are welcome to put titles, credits etc. in text field on YouTube.

You retain all of your ownership rights to your film submission. However, by submitting you also grant us Giana Factory and Pop Art Lab a license to use, reproduce and distribute your film. When you upload the video to YouTube you’re granting us an exclusive license for the duration of the competition. After the competition finishes it automatically reverts to a non-exclusive license for all videos except the winning video. We retain the exclusive license so the band can use it as their official music video if they want to do so.

Additional Information About Giana Factory:
Tune: or

About Pop Art Lab:
Pop Art Lab was founded start of 2008 in the virtual world of Second Life. It provides a dynamic immersive environment within which avatars can gather together to share their interest in music, movies & machinima, and attend live concerts and events occurring both entirely within the virtual environment and in mixed realities that merge reality with the metaverse. For more information, visit

Any questions please IM Claus Uriza inworld or send an email to clausuriza(at)gmail(dot)com
Press enquiries please email Persia Bravin at persia.bravin(at)yahoo(dot)com
Real Life press release available as Google Doc

Brief update from the Lab!

We have two cool events coming up coming weeks. The first one is our Pop Vox TV show November 1st featuring the newly formed Soleil. Originally this showdate should’ve featured Canadian Peace Partner project and artist Kevin Thompson. Due to sudden real life implications among our Canadian crew this show will be rescheduled. We are very pleased to announce Soleil will fill out the slot with short time notice. Soleil is one of the most interesting bands right now and an obvious choice for Pop Vox. More on this show coming week.
Nextly we have a 6 hour dubz electro house event Friday November 5th. This event have been on our “in the making” section for long and we are glad we finally ready to announce and showcase some of the most skilled dubstep artists/DJs on the grid. We are tweaking this programme and will update here as well soon.

As other companies (no names need to be mentioned) we have been through tough restructuring to make the PAL team more forcefull and focused. These changes are an ongoing process and we hope you all will see more events and magic entertainment provided by PAL during the coming virtual worlds peak season (the coming months usually brings way more people into virtuality due to the cold winter).

Our Art Breaker exhibition have been very succssfull and will be removed Sunday November the 7th. We are sad to see these amazing installatons disappear but we will guarantee you soon will see other eyeballs of highest quality! We are planning a new area that’ll showcase temporary art exhibitions which will add an extra immersive quality to our visitors.

Good news. Our PAL group have reached the magic 600 members and see a slow but constant growth. Thanks to all who have joined and who have stayed as loyal members for long!

On the radar we can air increased forcus on the Danish contemporary music scene. We are currently in touch with major music organizations and we hope these initiatives will help make them aware of the opportunities Pop Art Lab have to offer and help labels and artists to reach a global audience by using our PR services.

Lastly we passed a fantastic tour in Finland where I presented PAL. I met so many nice people there and hope these new networks will give birth to further new collaborations inside virtuality.

Oh I forgot to mention I was interviewed by Nazz Lane author of Lane’s List and you can read the full post here

Art Breaker Launch + Pop Art Lab Anniversary!


We are pleased to announce our new partners in Art Breaker The Nordic Virtual Worlds Network (NVWN).
Currently we enhanch the 12 hour event programme for our Art Breaker launch. Also this happens to be exact same date as we had our official Pop Art Lab opening back in September 2008. Not only will this event open our 2 months and 4.000 prims exhibit of some of the very best inter-/reactive art and sound installations seen in SL but also we’ll celebrate our 2 years birthday. Therefore, expect a big bang! The event programme listed below is not final changes might occur.

Info on Art Breaker.
After merely 1 month of recieving proposals the following artists been selected due to some highly impressive showcases.

Bryn Oh
Abstract Baroque
Misprint Thursday
Miso Susanowa
Sunn Thunders
Binary Quandry (install project cordinator)
Sabrinaa Nightfire
Sledge Roffo


The Summer Sessions

Saturday June 26th from 11AM-4PM SLT

The temperature is rising and the long summer nights are finally here. To celebrate summer and before we all take a well earned break for vacations, POP ART LAB, SL’s premier music sim, welcomes you to a spectacular live music event on Saturday June 26th.

As part of this event, PAL CEO, Claus Uriza, will be giving a talk on the subject of ‘Unexpected Collaborations’ as a guest speaker for the SLB7 celebrations.

We are proud collaborators at PAL and the past year has seen us work with RL media companies, record labels, educational establishments, machinima makers, artists, online television companies and of course-musicians and live performers too.

It’s been a nonstop year and one which has seen PAL grow in new directions to become the world’s leading virtual music platform.

Wishing you all a very happy summer from the RL/SL POP ART LAB team!


Schedule of events

11 AM: Claus Uriza to give talk at SLB7 auditorium on ‘Unexpected Collaborations’ and the impact of partnership working in virtual music.


12 PM: Lance Rembrandt-Live music from one of the USA’s most talked about performers

1PM: Engrama-The finest indie pop from Argentina

2 PM-Starflower Orbit-California based Starflower sings laid back, dreamy, summer soaked tunes

3 PM-DJ BRB spinning a mix of the latest pop/dubstep/techno tracks


/Persia Bravin

Pop Art Lab at SL7B so far…

Schedules… and wb to Philip Linden!

We have an awesome showcase this week at:
Unexpected Collaborations: Second Life’s 7th Birthday Party Starts Monday 10 AM!

Landmark to our showcase wonderfully designed by Emily Hifeng.

I’ll make 2 speeches at SL7B well the unexpected!

Thursday June 24
12:00 PM Speech at SL7B incl. World Cup routing in a no script order :D

Access landmark

Saturday June 26,

We’ll celebrate SL7B and have quite a summer party at Pop Art Lab. This is going to be last event before holidays in July. We’ll start in SL7B sims where I’ll speak in Auditorium about Unexpected collaborations looking back from birth of PAL January 2008. How has the musicscene evolved, how we ended up making the coolest music show in partnetship with Treet.TV. What happens and how all this works. Ranging from having real artists hanging out in my real life living room while we stream this throughout the web in 3D or plan this globally with guests from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles!

Come get wiser we want to entertain you!

11:00 AM Speech at SL7B incl. announcement of next massive PAL event (August)
Access landmark
Then we take a jet home to our lab!
Access landmark
12:00 PM Lance Rembrandt
01:00 PM Engrama
02:00 PM Starflower Orbit

03:00 PM DJs…

To be updated…
Stay tuned!

PAL goes New Market Dynamics mode!

I am working behind the bars and sounddesk on this upcoming event. And how did I end there? Well just a cool collaboration between nice friends at Treet.TV, Metanomics and a Danish RL university project.

Mark your calender!

Metanomics Mixed Reality Broadcast on New Market Dynamics

When: Tuesday, June 8th, 11:00-12:00 am SLT

Where: Copenhagen/Second Life

Avatars for sale, gold-farming in WoW (World of Warcraft), purchase of virtual islands, leasing of towns, recruiting avatar employees, VW (virtual world) stock exchanges and banks, exchanging WoW gold to USD – it’s just some of the new designations for commercial agencies and business which have emerged in the wake of the development of virtual worlds. But what are the characteristics of these emerging economies? Who are they, the entrepreneurs of VWs? Are the many small agencies of user-driven innovations the driving force of the economies of VWs? Or, is it Big Business that survives and benefits from the new market dynamics? How has the user-driven content creation of Second Life contributed to the development of new business areas and market dynamics?
This Metanomics Mixed Reality Broadcast, hosted by Robert Bloomfield, will comprise a panel discussion between Robin Teigland, Edward Castronova, Tom Boellstorff and include streaming from the RL research workshop ‘Making Sense of Virtual Worlds and User Driven Innovation” in Copenhagen comprising 40 international participants and co-hosted RL by Sisse Siggaard Jensen.

More info on workshop, participants and sessions/papers at RL venue

Pop Vox feat. Redzone

Wednesday April 28th 1:30-3:30 PM PDT/SLT at Pop Art Lab

We are pleased to announce our next Pop Vox TV show is close.
The show is broadcastet real time live by Treet.TV throughout the grid or you can watch it live at Treet.TV

Pop Vox Presents Redzone

Hamlet Au, New World Notes “They play for steampunks and post-apocalyptics and their metaverse band headquarters is the wreckage of a Soviet troop chopper abandoned in the desert. They’re a British trio called Redzone, and of all the many bands who regularly play in Second Life, so far they’re my favorite”

Redzone is Cabaret Voltaire (vocals/electric violin), Red Xu (guitar/bass guitar/samples), and Avomatsur Rustamova (synth/electric double bass/theremin). Redzone have a unique and original sound, fusing industrial, hiphop, musique concrète, electronica, classical, alternative and ambient influences.  Fast and tight – tender and evocative – their unique songs and sounds hijack your soul, activate your reward circuits and energize your entire being. Talented, committed, passionate – this band have the confidence and energy to rock an audience. Redzone have been compared to Collide, Bjork and Recoil among others, but defy categorisation. Redzone were credited by Wired and Reuters as being the first band to tour in Second Life.

Plz note the show is limited to 40-50 seats. The sim will be agent limited due to lag control and to ensure a safe operation.

1:30 PM SLT Set up meet’n’greet (Teleport)
2:00 PM SLT Interview in Pop Art Lab TV Studio (20-25 mins)
2:45 PM SLT Live concert (45 mins) (Teleport)

After the interview we head to our brand new underground club and the concert starts when we all ready and set.

Pop Vox is presented by Pop Art Lab in partnership with Treet.TV

The Pop Explosion!

Friday 16th April 12.00PM-12.00AM SLT

Are you ready for the biggest live music and machinima event of 2010? Pop Art Lab invites you to experience a 12 hour trip through the very best music, art, film and television in SL.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new and super futuristic music sim, we have asked guest speakers including Jeska Linden and Wiz Nordberg, musicians such as Lance Rembrandt and Skye Galaxy and a plethora of artists, DJs and machinima makers to collaborate. We will be announcing the winner of our spectacular L$100,000 machinima winner too!

Visit our new sim and travel through a new world of wonderment, exploration and innovation or catch the live streaming on Treet.TV.

Full schedule:

April 16th- European Opening

Host: Persia Bravin

12:00 PM PST/SLT: Opening Ceremony presenting the new sim designs and creators: Claus Uriza CEO and guest speakers Dusan Writer CEO of Remedy/Metanomics and Wiz Nordberg CEO of Treet TV.

Particle show from Abstract Baroque

12:30 PM: Live screening of machinima entries in L$100,000 contest.

1:30 PM: Winning machinima announced by Chantal Harvey plus guest DJ Fine Caliber

2:00 PM: Redzone –Live Music

3:00 PM: MommaLuv Skytower-Live Music

4:00 PM: Lance Rembrandt –Live Music

5:00 PM: Sim exploration and chilled out music.

April 16th US Opening (webcasted live by Treet.TV)

Host: Persia Bravin

7:00 PM/SLT: Opening Ceremony presenting the new sim designs and creators: Claus Uriza CEO and guest speakers Draxtor Despres and Wiz Nordberg CEO of Treet TV.

7:30 PM: Live screening of machinima entries in L$100,000 contest

8:15 PM: Winning machinima announced by Jeska Linden

8:30 PM: Skye Galaxy-Live Music

9:30: PM: Starflower Orbit-Live Music

10:30 PM: MoShang Zhao-Live Music

11:30 PM: DJ Fine Caliber

Representing POP ART LAB

Claus Uriza CEO

Emily Hifeng, Xray Haller, Laggy Homewood and Rico Willis-Sim design and build

Persia Bravin-Press Manager

Guest Speakers

Jeska Linden –Director of Community Linden Labs

Draxtor Drespres-The Drax Files

Dusan Writer -Remedy/Metanomics

Wiz Nordberg -CEO,

Chantal Harvey- Director of

Television Production and streaming: Treet.TV

Machinima Judges

Jeska Linden, Chantal Harvey, Lisbeth Frølunde (Roskilde University  RL), Claus Uriza

Machinima Contest Partner: Virtual Worlds Research Project – A strategic research project at Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School  (Denmark).

Machinima Entrants

Rysan Fall, Toxic Menges, Glasz DeCuir, Binary Quandry, Larkworthy Antfarm, Ormand Lionheart, Mindblind Setsuko, Iono Allen, Pickles Karu, Delgado Cinquetti, Michelle Leckrone, Ketk Petrov, Al Peretz, Aaron Ishelwood, Tutsy Navarathna.

Musical Talent

RedzoneStarflower OrbitMommaLuv Skytower, Skye Galaxy, MoShang ZhaoLance Rembrandt and DJ Fine Caliber

Contributing Artists

Art Exhibition: Julie Kaye (RL)

Art Installation: Misprint Thursday

Marketing Design-Sabrinaa Nightfire

Visuals: Abstract Baroque

Press Information

Claus Uriza CEO of ‘POP AT LAB’ says of this event:

“We have made lots of progress at PAL over the past year so to celebrate our new sim launch I wanted to involve a lot of live musicians. Then came the idea of documenting the old sim design through a machinima contest, inspired by the recent MMIF. I met so many talented people through the MMIF I wanted their input at PAL too. The addition of some very experienced and cool speakers will add value and diversity to this event and help to connect with the audience. In the future, I hope PAL will grow alongside Second Life and we plan on expanding our presence on the web in general including our new website.”

Persia Bravin-Press Manager says:

“The whole team at POP ART LAB comprises some of the most experienced people within any virtual world in their chosen field. We have taken this experience and made PAL a virtual force to be reckoned with. The convergence of art, machinima and guest speakers-plus the music which PAL is most famous for-emphasizes our drive to be the most innovative, collaborative and social virtual music platform in existence!”

*POP ART LAB is a fully immersive environment exploring the viability of virtual worlds as alternative music performance venues. We work with media companies, record labels and educational institutions around the globe. Weekly streaming 10-20 new CDs full length across our social and dynamic sim, POP ART LAB brings together music lovers from across the world.*

FASTBREAK! – Delgado Cinquetti – Second Life Machinima

TheDeliWolf/Delgado Cinquetti: This film features a popping animation filmed entirely at Pop Art Labs in the virtual world of SecondLife. The nostalgic film effects tied in with some really great sounds adds for an entertaining experience! Enjoy!

Please take a moment to view their videos, and share your feedback with them in the comments section.

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